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The Graffiti Killer

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2D Demo

The Graffiti Killer 2

Video with effects

Need help with a Video or Commercial to but your business on the map and drive traffic to you bussines web site you are in the right place with experience in 2D effects animation, 3D animation, web design, logo/business card design and illustration I will get the job done right fast.

Programs Mastered 3DS Max, Flash CS4, Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4, After Effects CS4, PremeareCS4, MAC OS 10, Final Cut Pro4, Cinema 4D, Dreamweaver CS3, QuarkXPress 2004, Microsoft Office, ImageReady, and html5

My great achievements for 2010 My work was displayed in a local paper and was also displayed online in an article about the product that DK Global inc specializes in, 3D animation, Medical illustration, and Accident Recreation. I also worked on a nonprofit independent film Out of the Shadows about the dangers of oxycontin drug abuse. I worked on the 3d animation of the pills and the 2d animation for the dream sequence. I received a trophy for the Best animated Sequence.